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I have a hard time with Bios... Studio Westway is really me, Jamie. Hi. Stick around - let's get to know each other.

I'm a wife to an amazingly kind man whose no-shave-November beard has been firmly in place for well over 4 years now. We have an adorable son named Asher who is easily the best thing I've ever done in my life besides marrying his daddy. The three of us live in Mustang, OK with a spoiled puppy named Penny Lane. I graduated from Oklahoma State University (go pokes!) with a marketing and international business degree. It was there, doing campaign design for a class and taking the photographs myself, that I bought my first "big girl camera" (a Minolta FILM SLR). I've spent every day since then learning, growing and sharpening my craft - upgrading my gear, obvi. - and falling more in love with creating images. In the past few years, I've really become passionate about wedding and couples portrait photography... I am infatuated with it actually. 

It's the palpable, intense joy shared by couples in love that I've come to crave. Each story is unique and I thrive in the creative challenge required to do your love story justice. If I never received an award or got published as an artist, I would be totally ok with it, so long as my couples continue to find those precious images I take that leave them in awe thinking, "That is SO us." The ideal wedding day experience that I strive to create for each couple is one that is authentic, organic, unhurried and bursting at the seams with joy, laughter and love. My job is to be the mirror that reflects the beauty that is already present in the connection you share with you future spouse, your family and your friends. 

Also, as a wedding and portrait photographer, it's important that you get to know me (and kind of like me) since I will be tagging along with you on one of the most important days of your life... I'm a classic extrovert and can get along with most anybody, despite my lingering sarcasm. I love to make people laugh. Also, fair warning: there WILL be dancing. At the engagement session, at the bridal session and most certainly during your reception... By compulsion, I must line dance to Copperhead Road if it is played (as it is at 85% of all Oklahoma weddings.) Even when I was 8 months pregnant, you better believe I was dancing. Speaking of your reception... I also eat. It's kind of my "thing." Like, really, I might be more excited about the cake than I am about the dancing. 


Likes: Cake, obvi. Outdated slang. Sarcasm. Not taking myself too seriously. Golden hour sunlight. PDA. First Looks. All the wedding feels... I'm a big laugher and a big cryer. Dancing it out. People. Seriously, I LOVE people... even your soon-to-be mother-in-law, your lovable (but kind of creepy) uncle who corners me to ask about what gear I use, and that drunk groomsman who you know will flirt with half of your guests. I love them all. I love being present, capturing the moment and having a blast doing it all.

Dislikes: Early mornings. When the wine runs out. People who take themselves too seriously. When the coffee runs out. Couples who don't like to flirt... (This is a deal-breaker. You must be prepared to love-on the one you're with if I'm pointing my camera at you.) Not shooting portraits in yummy sunset light. Glass-half-empty people. When the cake runs out.  

So... to sum it up, I'm pretty fun. Honest. And my favorite thing ever is when clients turn into friends. So let's do that.



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